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In the middle of winter vacation, Spring Festival is coming. The best way to relax is to have a meal with your family, collect some red envelopes and travel with your good friends. Having a new year's dinner, we can't forget the strong flavor of the past years.

And this new year, we can't have a dinner party or travel Novel coronavirus is what keeps the year's flavor out of doors, so that we can only stay at home without going out. His rampage caused us to have a new year's holiday and a war without gunpowder.

In this fierce battle, two old Chinese soldiers continued to fight in the front line, Zhong Nanshan, 84, and Li Lanjuan, 73. Grandpa Zhong Nanshan sent an urgent appeal to the public: "don't go to Wuhan without any special circumstances", but he rushed all the way "retrograde" to the front line of epidemic prevention; the epidemic is still spreading, Grandma Li Lanjuan applied to her superiors: "I can take a team to Wuhan to support!" Guoshi, one of the most talented or brave and powerful people in the country. It's appropriate to describe the fighters fighting in the front line with the Chinese. At this moment, we are very happy and proud, because: the Guoshi is still there!

This unique "new year flavor" tells the ups and downs of the world, which is full of the persistence and efforts of medical staff, the support and encouragement of the people and the command of government leaders. This thick "new year flavor" is very real and warm.






Spring Festival is the most ceremonious traditional festival in China, and also the favorite festival for our children, because we can set off firecrackers, collect new year's money, and eat delicious meals with our brothers and sisters during the Spring Festival. However, novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan suddenly broke through this Spring Festival, breaking the joyous and auspicious festive atmosphere. The cruel virus threatens the health and life safety of the masses of people. Its spread speed is very fast, which makes people fall into anxiety and panic for a time. The door of every family is closed, and the bustling streets in the past become cold and clear.

A war without smoke of gunpowder has also begun quietly. At this time of life and death, many admirable medical workers have sprung up all over the country. They cherish the family reunion and go to the front line of anti epidemic. They wear thick protective clothing to treat patients every day. Because the protective clothing is airtight, they sweat all over, but they don't have half a complaint. They use their flesh and blood to build a life safety defense line for the people.

There is also such a grandfather, Zhong Nanshan, an 84 year old academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who is still in charge of his own battle, racing against time and viruses. Grandpa Zhong's coming forward is like a timely rain in the drought. He has nourished the hearts of the people and brought unlimited hope to them. Is Grandpa Zhong not worthy of our admiration for his fearless, resourceful and conscientious spirit?





Time is like the merciless water. In an instant, the year of gengzi mouse is coming. Novel coronavirus infection is the whole nation's joyous moment, but the infection of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has touched the hearts of the whole nation. Under the epidemic, there is love. In the process of epidemic prevention and control, countless selfless and fearless heroes have emerged, which are worthy of our pride and pride.

One of the most impressive shows in the Spring Festival Gala is "love is a bridge". Although the preparation time of this program is very short, it has not caught up with the formal rehearsal. It is because of the urgency of time that people all over the country are determined to fight the epidemic. In the camera, when we saw a reporter interviewing a female nurse, she said that although she would be worried and frightened, she had to play a good role in her white gown. The dinner on New Year's Eve, and one family novel coronavirus, when a family gathered around the table to eat the new year's Eve dinner, and watched the Spring Festival Gala, a group of white angels gave up their family reunion. They arrived in Wuhan on New Year's Eve. They approached the sick side and fought doggedly with the new coronavirus.

As long as we are all of one mind, there will be no mountains that can't be turned over and no ridges that can't be crossed. I believe that with the joint efforts of countless heroes, the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible.

Come on, Wuhan! Refueling China!








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